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  Entrepreneurial Readiness Survey


Please fill out the questions below. Rank your answers with 'Strongly Disagree' being the lowest (doesn't apply to me) and 'Strongly Agree' being the highest (that is definitely me). When you are finished click on the calculate button to see the results of your Entrepreneurial Assessment. If you are logged in you can also click on the save button in order to pick up where you left off at a later time.

 Entrepreneurial Readiness Results
0% - Credentials
0% - Capabilities
0% - Character
0% - Commitment
0% - Circumstances
0% - Total Entrepreneurial Readiness Score
 Score >= 90 Investor Ready
 Score >= 80 High Performance Venture
 Score >= 70 Life-style Venture 
 Score < 70 More Work Needed 

- I have licenses, certifications, or degrees that validate my unique entrepreneurial qualifications.
- My network of professional and business contacts will be valuable to my business objectives.
- My formal education and/or training applies directly to my entrepreneurial objectives.
- One or more of my immediate family members are entrepreneurs.

- I have previous experience as an entrepreneur.
- I have small business experience within my industry.
- I have unusually keen insights and perspectives about the industry, market, and solutions.
- I am comfortable securing money for my company.
- I am comfortable analyzing the financial, regulatory, personnel, business systems, and general management requirements of a business.
- I have the physical and emotional endurance to manage extremely high levels of stress.
- I have the ability to fire employees who do not meet my expectations.
- I am comfortable researching target markets, distribution channels, and pricing strategies.
- I am comfortable planning and implementing the product/service development process.
- I have the ability to discover solutions to every problem I encounter.

- I am comfortable making decisions with less than perfect information.
- I am willing to risk financial failure in exchange for owning and managing my own company.
- I am a good sales person.
- I believe in my self and my abilities.
- I challenge myself to achieve goals that are a stretch of my skills and capabilities.
- I am willing to relinquish the CEO job to another individual if circumstances require it.
- I usually plan and prioritize my daily activities.
- I finish projects ahead of schedule.
- I am more likely to take charge than be a follower.
- I am comfortable terminating expensive but unviable projects before they are finished.
- I am more likely to see the glass as half full.
- I have the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
- I am willing to endure hardships and criticism even at the expense of my reputation.
- I enjoy reading business related books, magazines and articles on a regular basis.

- I have the ability to devote full time effort to my entrepreneurial opportunity.
- I am confident in securing all the resources required to make my venture a success.
- I am motivated to make money.
- I am willing to sacrifice significant current income in anticipation of future rewards.
- I am comfortable in doing a good job even if others are not aware of my accomplishments.
- My family is agreeable to my entrepreneurial goals.

- I have no debts or financial obligations motivating my decision to pursue a business.
- I have no legal, business, or family complications affecting my entrepreneurial objectives.
- I have no time deadlines or schedules affecting my entrepreneurial motivation.
- I have other viable career options available beyond starting my own business.

  Readiness Level Summary
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  Venture Readiness
  Business Plan Readiness
  Innovation Readiness
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