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  Risk Readiness

• How much risk have you removed from your business venture?
• Which areas of your business model demonstrate the most risk?
• Does your business model meet investors’ tolerance for risk?

Description: The Risk Readiness Survey analyzes five key risk factors associated with the investor’s investment decision criteria. The five risk areas are: execution, product, market, management and finance. The survey lists 5 key investor questions in each of the 5 key risk areas for a total of 25 key investor questions. The questions and the categories are weighted based upon investor importance. All new venture opportunities demonstrate a certain amount of risk, some more than others. This tool identifies the amount of risk removed from the opportunity based upon the circumstances, requirements and features of the business model.

Purpose: The purpose of the Risk Readiness Survey is to determine how much risk has been removed from each of the 5 risk factors and overall for the proposed venture opportunity. The results of the Risk Readiness Survey provide criteria for the Goldsmith Venture Valuation Method.

Directions: Check the box associated with the statement that most closely describes your response.

Score: The survey generates a Risk Readiness Level score for each of the 5 risk areas and an overall risk score. The scores reflect how much risk has been removed from a high risk business opportunity. The following scores reflect the risk levels associated with the business model:

90%-100%, Excellent Risk Level
70%-90%, Very Good Risk Level
50%-70% Good Risk Level
30%-50% Fair Risk Level
0% - 30% Poor Risk Level

Readiness Level Tools: The Risk Readiness Survey is one of several tools to assist entrepreneurs and investors in evaluating the status, quality, and value of a startup or early stage ventures. Database support for these tools are based upon national venture capital funding averages by stage of development, generally expected investor rates of return, and expertise gained from direct interaction with hundreds of startup and early-stage angel and venture capital financed business ventures.  The recommended sequence for using the Readiness Level Tools is as follows:

  1. Entrepreneurial Readiness Survey
  2. Risk Readiness Survey
  3. Venture Readiness Model
  4. Business Plan Readiness Survey
  5. Venture Valuation
  6. Capitalization Table.

The Entrepreneurial Readiness Survey is FREE so give it a try, or click here to subscribe to the full Readiness Level Tool Set

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