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  Venture Capital Tool Pricing

A subscripton offers access to the following tool set:

  • Entrepreneurial Readiness Survey
  • Risk Readiness Survey
  • Venture Readiness Model
  • Business Plan Readiness Survey
  • Venture Valuation
  • Capitalization Table Tool

Entrepreneurs - These tools work and will guide you down the path to securing venture capital for your company.  Our methodologies are proven and once you give it a try you will understand why.  Our software will guide you through the process of getting venture capital. It will show you what investors are looking for in a business plan and help you tune yours so that those areas stand out. You will find out the exact value of your business (valuation) and amount of ownership you will have to give up if you get venture capital. If you really serious about starting a business and need venture capital to do it, this will be best $99 you can spend.

1-Year: $99.00
10 Day Trial $19.99

Consultants - If you are committed to helping your client's get money these tools are a no brainer.  Why not use a qualitative and quantitative approach and easy to use tools to walk your client through each stage of development? With the ability to use the site for free there seriously is no reason.

Investors - Take your investment decisions to the next level with our easy to use venture evaluation software.  There is no better strategy for choosing the right ventures and how to invest your capital.  We have proven it over and over again so let us make you life easier. If you're not convinced contact us and we'll show you how.

Consultants and Investors
Read only: Free (Your clients pay)
10-Days: $39.95
1 Month: $99.95
3 Months: $269.99
6 Months: $499.99
1-Year: $899.00

Use this site for free

If you are a consultant or investor who wishes to use this site to evaluate ventures, potential clients, or entrepreneurs seeking capital, you can use this site completely free

All you need to do is sign up as a Read Only user and manage your companies. 

The way it works is you will create a company and assign users to that company.  When the first user logs into the site they will choose and pay for a subscription.  When they are finished using the tool set you will be able to view all their scores and company data.  More importantly, you will have a precise valuation for the company and a capitalization table that tells you the exact amount of investor ownership at any given round based on the requested investement.

The difference between this subscription option and a normal consulting or investor user is:

  1. You won't be able to modify your client's data
  2. You won't be able to offer our site as a value added service to your clients or prospects
  3. You won't be able to use the site for your own company

If this fits your needs then Click here to create your account so that you can begin using a clear cut, proven, quantative approach to evaluating ventures.

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