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  Entrepreneurial Readiness

• How does your Entrepreneurial Readiness Level compare with other entrepreneurs?
• What are your entrepreneurial strength and weaknesses?
• Do you demonstrate the entrepreneurial characteristics investors require?

Description: The Entrepreneurial Readiness Survey provides a self-assessment tool for individuals interested in evaluating their readiness level as an entrepreneur. This non-scientific tool is designed from an investor’s perspective. The scoring is weighted according to the factors investors hold most important in evaluating entrepreneurial traits and characteristics. The scoring is based upon the author’s 20 years of experience in working with hundreds of early-stage entrepreneurs. 

Purpose: The purpose of the Entrepreneurial Readiness Survey is to assess your responses compared to entrepreneurs in high-performance business ventures. The assessment evaluates the entrepreneur from 5 perspectives: 1) Credentials, 2) Capabilities, 3) Characteristics, 4) Commitment, and 5) Circumstances.

Directions: Simply respond to each statement with the proper response. For example, click on “Strongly Agree” if you strongly identify with the statement. Answer “Disagree” or “Strongly Disagree” if you do not identify with the statement. Choose “Neutral” if you do not identify with the statement one way or another.

Score: The assessment provides a percentage score in each of the 5 categories and an overall percentage score. The overall score reflects your Entrepreneurial Readiness Level. The questions are weighted based upon responses investors believe most important. A score of 90% indicates you compare with other entrepreneurs operating high performance, venture funding-backed enterprises. A score of 80% or higher indicates you have the skills, know-how and characteristics to be a successful entrepreneur in a self-financed, high-performance business. A score of 70% reflects a good foundation for a life-style business while a score below 70% suggests more work experience, training, or personal development is indicated to meet the rigorous requirements of entrepreneurship.

Readiness Level Tools: The Entrepreneurial Readiness Survey is one of several tools to assist entrepreneurs and investors in evaluating the status, quality, and value of a startup or early stage ventures. Database support for these tools are based upon national venture capital funding averages by stage of development, generally expected investor rates of return, and expertise gained from direct interaction with hundreds of startup and early-stage angel and venture capital financed business ventures. The recommended sequence for using the Readiness Level Tools is as follows:
  1. Entrepreneurial Readiness Survey
  2. Risk Readiness Survey
  3. Venture Readiness Model
  4. Business Plan Readiness Survey
  5. Venture Valuation
  6. Capitalization Table.

The Entrepreneurial Readiness Survey is FREE so give it a try, or click here to subscribe to the full Readiness Level Tool Set


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