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  Business Consultants
VentureCapitalTools is designed to assist business consultants in assisting entrepreneurs in developing fundable deals. The website provides business consultants with a tool to manage multiple clients simultaneously. With a 1-year subscription, a consultant can assist a variety of clients in multiple stages of development in a variety of industry sectors, navigate the commercialization process, and position them for private equity investment.

Using the Venture Capital Tool Set:
The tool set offered here are logically related. To get the greatest amount of good from these tools in the shortest amount of time, use the tools in the following order.

One: The Entrepreneurial Readiness Survey is FREE. It makes sense to assess your client’s aptitude for the world of entrepreneurship – a path less traveled. It is a path that requires special skills and personal characteristics.

Two: The Risk Readiness Assessment analyzes the amount of risk removed from the business venture through the choices made in the business model, management structure, and market strategy.

Three: The Venture Readiness Survey is a comprehensive venture commercialization tool. It is applicable for an existing business expanding the product portfolio or for new venture startups. This tool assists the business consultant in helping the client identify where they are in the commercialization process, advising on next steps, and accessing the resources required.
Four: The Business Plan Readiness Survey provides the business consultant with a tool to assist the client in developing a fundable business plan.

Five: The Venture Valuation Tool uses multiple approaches to assist in determining the value of the venture.

Six: The Capitalization Table Tool allows you to analyze the impact of additional investment on the percentage share and the value of your ownership.


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