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  About Us

The Venture Resource Group is a Texas-based business with a national and international market for assisting technology-based startup and early stage ventures. The products and services offered through were developed by its founder, H. Randall Goldsmith, Ph.D. Application programing, site design, development, and management is provided by Mr. Greg Goldsmith.

VentureCapitalTools is designed to assist startup and early-stage companies in converting business ideas into reality.  Launching a new business is always a risky proposition. VentureCapitalTools provides entrepreneurs and investors with simple to use tools that can assist in identifying risks, evaluating risk impact on the business opportunity, and minimizing risks that could prevent commercial success.  These tools and resources result from more than 20 years of direct work with budding entrepreneurs, established business enterprises and investors.

Winners and losers among entrepreneurs are usually determined by personal traits – open-mindedness, decisiveness, persuasiveness and the ability to take setbacks and rejection.  For potential entrepreneurs who have never traveled this path, the following are our guiding principles for commercialization: 

Don't bother if...

  • You intend to manage your business opportunity to success rather than relentlessly chase your vision to reality
  • Your primary objective is not to make a profit
  • You are not prepared to devote all of your time and energy to commercialize your venture
  • Your family has not given you permission to temporarily neglect them while you commercialize your venture
  • You can’t cope with failure
  • You are infatuated with your product
  • You are not prepared to lose serious money

On the other hand if...

  • You have exhausted every ounce of your energy and can still reach deep inside your spirit for one more drop
  • You hit seemingly insurmountable barriers and not only persevere but overcome them
  • You can get it all done without misplacing your priorities and sacrificing your values
  • You can allow yourself to fall in failure then get up, dust off and begin again, and again
  • You are willing to release your grip and give up control to achieve your objectives
And if you're determined to win...

Then you have the right stuff to join the rank of individuals called entrepreneurs.
Our wish for you is that this site will help you achieve your dream!

The Team